Staff Research News

DR. DAVID STENT  Visual Arts Programme Leader
Writing as Occupation Audiograft Festival Residency: Writing as Occupation II, O3 Gallery, Oxford
March 2014
Audiograft is an annual festival dedicated Contemporary Experimental Music and Sound Art curated by the Sonic Art Research Unit. This year’s festival will host the second in an on-going series of collaborative residencies entitled ‘Writing as Occupation’, involving Neil Chapman, Patrick Farmer and David Stent. More info
a-man-asleep ‘Species of Spaces: Transdisciplinary Approaches to the Work of Georges Perec’ / Teesside University
28 March 2014
Artists, writers and researchers celebrating the work of one of the 20th century’s most experimental authors.
Stent and Hughes Collaborative Lecture and Performance: Transmission Lecture Series – Sheffield
April 2014
Transmission is an annual series of lectures and symposia run out of the Fine Art department at Sheffield Hallam University.
PHILIP SANDERSON Associate Tutor, Visual Arts
philip-sanderson-weaving.jpg?w=640 Exhibition: Music Makers, Blue Coat Display Centre, Liverpool
21 March – 3 May
Philip will be exhibiting work at Music Makers, an exhibition curated by textile artist Michael Brennand for Blue Coat Display. The exhibition invites artists to make a single work that references the three classic musical storage formats pre digital, the12” Vinyl or Album, a 7” Single or a 4.5” CD in size. Philip Sanderson will be exhibiting a 7’’ tapestry. More info
MARCUS REES ROBERTS Associate Tutor, Visual Arts
Between-Dog-and-Wolf-II Exhibition: Winter Journey, Studio 3 Gallery, Canterbury
20 January – 11 April 2014
Working together with Pratt Contemporary, Studio 3 Gallery presents an exhibition of the darkly poetic work of Marcus Rees Roberts. The focus of the exhibition will be recent short films with related work in diverse media including drawing, painting and book works. More info
DR. NEIL CHAPMAN Visiting Lecturer, Visual Arts
Publication: Diagrams of Seriality, Copy Press
March 2014
Diagrams for Seriality is a book on the theme of images and how they work in writing. It introduces a form of serial writing in which a sequence of sequences loosens its ties and invokes the margins of time and of space that can be found by those probing the conventions of story telling, novels and chapters.
Publication: E:vent
Located in the East End of London, E:vent attempted to exploit the potential of the experimental event, focusing on the role of agency and action to find alternative and progressive ways of communicating art. E:vent’s fundamental politics were founded on the microscopic; algorithmic operations; emergent orders; and random encounters. More info
Publication: SPILLWAYS, PEDWAYS, SILOS, Publication Studio Malmo
Long time collaborators, Neil Chapman and Ola Ståhl join forces yet again, this time for ‘Spillways, Pedways, Silos’. A book that came from a recent teaming between Good Press and PS Malmo at the temporary Good Press storefront in KRETS, August 2013. The product of collaboration, performance, fluxus, performance, concrete poetry and friendship. More info
Publication: Journal of Visual Art Practice
“The Absenting Subject: Research Notes on submitted PhDs in Fine Art”
Neil Chapman and Katy Macleod
“The Absenting Subject: Research Notes on PhDs in Fine Art” draws on a research study of submitted PhDs and interviews with a small group of artists. Research processes adopted by this diverse group manifested an exacting scrutiny of what it means to undertake research, that is, how research process can delineate a subject of enquiry and adequately approach that subject. We found a high level of questioning about the legitimacy of research methodological assumptions about how and in what ways research methods become valid. For instance, is research which pursues and reinforces a proposed subject more useful to a depth of practice than one which resists any resolved confirmation of its subject because that subject is porous to its prevailing conditions both internal and external? We ask whether such accountability is of less relevance to the development of vital research cultures than more conventional approaches to research?
SARAH HUGHES Visiting Lecturer, Visual Arts
Accidents_of_Matter_Sarah_Hughes Exhibition and publication: The NOW Now exhibition, Sydney, Australia
January 2014
The annual NOW Now group show exhibits the work of leading practitioners in sound and art practice. The exhibition interrogates and questions the relationship between art and sound, provoking discourse and discussion amongst artists, audiences and critics alike. Sarah exhibited four  large works on paper and published an essay, ‘The Continuum of the Field’, in the accompanying publication.
Grand_Duchess_Anastasia_Nikolaevna_self_photographic_portrait Publication: The Self-Self Transaction,  Vibrations art journal
March 2014
The Self-Self Transaction will be published in the forthcoming issue of Vibrations, an open-access bi-lingual journal developed to establish an international network of artists and those interested in writing as arts practice.
Stent and Hughes Collaborative Lecture and Performance: Transmission Lecture Series, Sheffield
April 2014
Transmission is an annual series of lectures and symposia run out of the Fine Art department at Sheffield Hallam University.
ofc-wire-jan-exp-01 Press: Wire Magazine
Sarah featured in Wire magazine’s ‘Top 10 Improv/Jazz Albums of 2013’. The album, entitled Accidents of Matter or of Space, was released in America in March.