Staff News

DR. DAVID STENT  Visual Arts Programme Leader
 Xilitla Public Lecture: MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
‘The Xilitla Pavilion’: a talk discussing Edward James in relation to contemporary art. Closing event for the Melanie Smith exhibition at MK Gallery
14 June.
PHILIP SANDERSON Associate Tutor, Visual Arts
 TMlogoblack Award: Theo Moorman Award
Philip has been awarded the Theo Moorman grant for experienced weavers to develop their work.
Test Pressing 7 Web Exhibition: Music Makers, Blue Coat Display Centre, Liverpool
21 March – 3 May
Philip will be exhibiting work at Music Makers, an exhibition curated by artist Michael Brennand for Blue Coat Display. The exhibition invites artists to make a single work that references the three classic musical storage formats pre digital, the 12” Vinyl or Album, a 7” Single or a 4.5” CD in size. Philip Sanderson will be exhibiting a 7’’ tapestry. More info
 2  Exhibition: Open West 2014, The Wilson Cheltenham
3 May – 1 June
Philip will be exhibiting work at the Open West 2014, selected by Lyn Cluer Coleman, Sarah Goodwin Anita Taylor and Virgile Ittah. More info
MARCUS REES ROBERTS Associate Tutor, Visual Arts
untitled Exhibition: London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy, London
24-27 April
Pratt Contemporary are publishing a set of three new etchings entitled ‘By The Black Window’ by Marcus Rees Roberts. More info
DR. NEIL CHAPMAN Visiting Lecturer, Visual Arts
  Publication: Proto-tools
Proto-tools considers the role of the tool within artistic practice. Taking John Latham’s use of the spray can in his least-event works as a starting point, the project explores the use of the tool both as a means to create material effect and as a way to progress an idea. More info
 SenateHouse Event: An evening of reading and performance at Senate House Library
Goldsmiths University, London
Convened by Sami Jalili and Sharon Kivland, with Mura Ghosh
SARAH HUGHES Visiting Lecturer, Visual Arts
 In Vain Empty Things Exhibition: OPEN, Oriel Davies Gallery, Powys
19 April 2014 – 18 June 2014
Selected by Deirdre Figueiredo (Director, Craftspace), Helen Legg (Director, Spike Island), Anthony Shapland (Artist & Co-Director of g39) and Alex Boyd Jones (Curator, Oriel Davies). More info
  Conference: Sound Art Curating Conference, London
May 15-17
Goldsmiths University and Courtauld Institute of Art.
Paper: The Continuum of the Field – John Berger, Michael Pisaro and Strategies for Research in Contemporary Sound Art Practice. More info
 OTO Residency: OTO Projects Residency, London
11-14 September 2014
Three-day residency at OTO project space with Patrick Farmer and Samuel Rodgers. More info