Alumni Residency at Ochre Print Studio

Sarah Cliff – Iphigenia’s Inconsequential Dreams and Lost Intentions (4)

West Dean College Alumni, Sarah Cliff (MFA) has recently been appointed Artist-in-Residence 2018 at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford. The residency will provide her with access to a fully equipped print studio, workshops and studio space, three-monthly critiques, two exhibitions, a blog and talk, in return for help in coordinating exhibitions and technician responsibilities.

“I look forward to joining the community at Ochre Print Studio in order to share experiences and contribute to a group that understands my passion for the exciting moment when paper is peeled back from the plate. During my residency I am particularly keen to deepen my existing techniques, especially my screen printing skills, as well as producing a new body of work inspired by local historical sites and events. Helping in the running of the studio and exhibitions represents an excellent opportunity to enhance my professional practice.”   Sarah Cliff

Sarah Cliff spent three years at West Dean College, developing her practice of printmaking and assemblages of made and found objects. This culminated in her being awarded her Master’s in Fine Art with distinction, together with the University of Sussex Vice-Chancellor’s Award, in 2017. Since then her prints have been exhibited at the Woolwich Print Fair, the Teeside Print Prize Exhibition and Et tu, Art Brute?, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York.

Sarah’s work exploits the dark and expressive qualities of intaglio and relief printmaking to explore cultural and historical references, as well as inventing her own myths. Ambiguous characters, narratives and iconic symbols invite the viewer into a mysterious, yet often brash, theatrical setting where conventions are questioned, consensus is challenged and curiosity is deemed a necessity.